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Siding for your home, except for your roof, is the most important protective barrier your house has. Struck Contracting uses experienced and knowledgeable siding professionals to protect your home against pests, air leaks and today's harsh climate. Struck Contracting easily surpasses other siding contractors who very often are simply not up to the task of using the top of the line products and installing them according to manufacturer's standard for optimal durability and protection.

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Kevin A.

Struck Contracting came out to repair my vinyl siding & it looks great! They were very nice,thorough & explained what they had done & why.They went above & beyond when they blew the leaves off my roof so I didn't have roof problems. It was an all around great experience at a reasonable price. I would definitely use them again for future projects.

Jorman O.

Great service! Struck installed my new siding quickly while staying flexible to my schedule. Highly recommend their crew for the quality siding installation at a reasonable price.

Amaral S.

Good work, good price and fast response to my initial request!

Siding Installation

We offer everything from a small siding repair work to a large siding project for new construction, and our team of experts will get the job done on time and within your budget. Contact us for all your siding needs.

Siding Repair

Struck Contracting specializes in storm restoration. So if your vinyl, cement, or wood siding has been damaged by a storm, contact us. We will give you a FREE Inspection.


Strong winds can wreak havoc on your home and your home's gutter system. Let Struck Contracting and its crew of experts inspect your home and its gutters for storm damage. Contact us today for a free estimate!


We have more than 40 years of combined roofing replacement and repair experience in working with all types of roofs including Asphalt, Metal and Cedar Shake.

Can vinyl siding be installed on my exterior material?

Absolutely. Our residential vinyl siding contractors have the skill and experience necessary to properly attach vinyl siding onto any house’s exterior material from brick and wood to cinder blocks and natural field stones. Plus they do an excellent job covering any faults which may be present in this exterior material and can save you a significant amount of money on repairs.

When should I have my vinyl siding project done?

Struck Contracting vinyl siders are happy to complete your vinyl siding project in any season or climate. This is possible thanks to the versatility of vinyl siding panels and the expertise of Struck Contracting contractors who have experience finishing projects like yours countless times throughout the years.

Is vinyl siding weather resistant?

In the decades vinyl siding has been on the market it has developed into one of the most dependable and enduring exterior house materials available. Nowadays it can be trusted to withstand nearly any condition from the heat of Arizona to the chill of Michigan. In fact, many manufacturers which Struck Contracting uses offer lengthy warranties on the life of their vinyl siding panels, some even offering a lifetime guarantee.

Will vinyl siding hurt my home’s resale value?

On the contrary. Vinyl siding is the most popular exterior house material in American homes today, making it very desirable on the real estate market. It represents a minimized amount of maintenance for potential buyers without losing any aesthetic appeal or durable quality.

What styles of siding does Struck Contracting offer?

The network of siding contractors that makes up Struck Contracting offer the most options available when it comes to siding designs and styles. Anything from wood siding to vinyl siding with an enormous variety of color options and textures are offered to our clients. If you have any questions or concerns about which option would be best for your home just speak with a Struck Contracting siding contractor during your free estimate and they’ll be happy to advise you based on their years of experience.

Does Struck Contracting offer trim servicing?

Absolutely. All the siding contractors at Struck Contracting have a wide variety of trim and accessory options available for interested customers to make sure that your house looks immaculate following a siding installation. Feel free to request particular styles or interests from your local Struck Contracting siders, they’ll be delighted to do all they can to make your dream house come to life.

Struck Contracting is a growing network of vinyl siding companies, contractors, and installers who have spent years developing experience, training, and knowledgeability on everything to do with siding America’s homes with the most durable, most popular, and most cost-efficient material on the market today: vinyl siding.

From it’s development in the 1950’s vinyl siding (also known as PVC siding) has become increasingly more versatile, dependable, and popular with homeowners across the country. And the old fashion notion that it is less attractive than materials like wood and brick is quickly being silenced as vinyl siding becomes available in new styles, textures, and colors every year which are quickly matching other exterior materials in levels of attractiveness while surpassing them in levels of affordability and ease of care. That’s why the professionals at Struck Contracting chose to specialize in these surfaces and why they devoted themselves to providing the best possible siding services, installations, and repairs anywhere in the U.S.

If you have any doubt about the expertise, quality, or knowledge of Struck Contracting siding contractors and installers just take a look at some of our glowing customer reviews and stories, as well as the brief description of how our services are conducted below. If, after that, you wish to learn more about how a Struck Contracting siding project would be performed at your home, you can easily request a free estimate and consultation through our nationwide coverage directory. With our expansive network of affiliates you’re guaranteed to find vinyl siding experts in your area who would be happy to answer any questions you have about the process and provide you with a detailed, written estimate of costs, duration of work, and potential schedule for work in one quick visit. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Our vinyl siding contractors have performed countless siding installations which range from small replacements all the way to full house projects. Whatever scale the work may fall under, the installation of vinyl siding demands precise measurement, trimming, fastening, overlaying, and allowance for expansion which our nationwide vinyl siding companies have turned into a science after years of experience. You can trust that vinyl siding installation performed by Struck Contracting will be the finest quality available and that the results can be safely relied upon for years to come with as little maintenance as a yearly washing.

Vinyl Siding Repair

One of the many benefits of vinyl siding over other exterior housing materials is that if particular panels of your vinyl siding become damaged over time they may be replaced with such a precise project that replacing a single panel, as opposed to having to work on the entire wall is entirely possible. The wide array of textures, colors, and styles which Struck Contracting’s contractors have available ensure that we’ll have the right one for every vinyl siding replacement and if you’d rather alter the color or style of your entire home’s siding at the same time our siding contractors are able to match up the siding style which you would like in nearly any circumstance.